Descriptions of PTA Board Positions


MMS PTA Board Member Positions
Please consider joining our PTA Board and help support our teachers and students.  Many of these roles are currently filled by people who work full time jobs and are easily managed within a few hours per month.
VP of Communications/Webmaster:  This is a position that could be shared by 2 people.  It includes updating the  webpage and sending out periodic Constant Contact email.  This position publishes a quarterly newsletter (or more depending on need), and is one of the administrator for the Moody PTA Facebook page. It is an Executive Committee position and the person/people will really know what is going on at the school as they help to advertise and inform membership.  The Communications person also this year assisted in gathering PTA information to include on the Principal’s Sunday Message.  There will be work to do in August as plans and prep work is done for a smooth back-to-school season.  After the push of the fall, it requires about 1-2 hours every couple weeks, and can be done from home.
Hospitality: Do you like to host a party?  Do you hate to cook?  Plan the few dinners PTA give to the teachers and staff at Moody throughout the year.  The dates are based on back-to-school night and conference nights when teachers can’t leave the building.  You get to plan, ask for donations, or order catered meals.  There is also a monthly snack basket that is 100% donated by parents but needs set-up first thing in the morning.  Other needs are small and easy to accomplish. 4 friends can split up the duties such that each take one of the dinner nights.  We have 2 other volunteers interested in being on this team.  This committee impacts the school the most as it directly feeds our terrific teachers.
Volunteers:  This board member helps organize the volunteer lists at the beginning of the year and forwards them to their appropriate committee people.  Most of the work is during August through October which is assisting the committees in finding volunteers.  This person also is available on an as-needed basis during the school year when volunteer needs come up.  Using useful tools like SignUpGenius and email, most of the work is done on computer from home.
Retail Promotions/Spirit Nights – this person helps secure our popular Moody Spirit Nights throughout the year. Many local restaurants and kid activities such as bowling are happy to host Moody for fundraising nights. This person coordinates these events with the local businesses.
County Council:  PTA has a Henrico County level in which representative from every school meets periodically to gather county information.  The volunteer board member attends these evening meetings and reports back with what is going on county-wide as a PTA.  Much of the information is policy based.  They also attend the Moody Board Meetings.
Lay Advisory:  A citizen-work committee was formed many years ago to assist the School Board and County PTA on  researching and discussing matters in the schools.  Such items included the changes to the the new math curriculum.  This meeting meets 3-4 times per academic year, or as-needed if an issue needs researched.  Moody Board Representative attends these evening meetings, contributes on behalf of Moody Middle School PTA and reports back to our school the matters being discussed.  They also attend the Moody Board Meetings.
Parliamentarian:  This Board Member assists the board in making sure they are following Roberts Rules of Order and the rules as outlined by the Moody Bylaws.  They agree to attend Moody Board meetings and give advise and assist in meeting procedure.

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